We wish to thank ALL who participated and we hope you had an amazing time and are PROUD OF YOUR ACHIEVEMENT. Whether you are a Champion, Finalist, Semifinalist, or Participant, each student will receive a medal (or trophy) in the mail in 4-6 weeks. We honor the time you spent studying and learning new words and we hope you will continue to grow and learn in the years to come!

2020 Kaplan & Hexco Spelling Bee Champion!

49-Zaila A.


65-Harini L. - 2nd Place


82-Chaitra T. - 3rd Place



01-Cody C. (Round 5)

02-Tarini N. (Round 3)

03-Riya K. (Round 6)

04-Advaith B. (FINALIST - Round 8)

05-Evans K. (Round 5)

06-Yash S. (Round 6)

08-Nitya K. (FINALIST - Round 13)

09-Atman B. (Round 5)

11-Aaron C. (Round 4)

12-Aryan N. (Round 5)

14-Ekansh R. (FINALIST - Round 8)

16-Swayam R. (Round 3)

19-Cameron K. (FINALIST - Round 8)

20-Rachel J. (Round 4)

23-Arav P. (Round 3) 

24-Saharsh V. (FINALIST - Round 13)

25-Shijay S. (FINALIST - Round 7)

27-Maya J. (FINALIST - Round 7)

32-Kara T. (Round 3)

33-Edith F. (Round 5)

34-Siyonamithra K. (Round 4)

38-Michael K. (FINALIST - Round 7)

40-Vayun K. (FINALIST - Round 7)

41-Srinidhi R. (FINALIST - Round 7)

42-Ashrita G. (FINALIST - Round 12)

43-Kerstin U. (Round 3)

44-Vikram R. (FINALIST - Round 8)

46-Jayden L. (Round 5)

47-Surya K. (Round 6)

50-Bhavana M. (FINALIST - Round 10)

51-Lucas H. (Round 5)

52-Sirjana K. (Round 5)

57-Advitiya J. (Round 6)

60-Akshainie K. (FINALIST - Round 7)

64-Akshita B. (Round 4)

67-Shireen A. (Round 6)

70-Shradha R. (Round 4)

74-Gage C. (FINALIST - Round 7)

77-Dean A. (FINALIST - Round 13)

78-Sam E. (Round 4)

80-Ishika V. (Round 4)

83-Conor M. (Round 4)

84-Advika G. (Round 4)

87-Arnav K. (FINALIST - Round 7)

88-Teresa C. (FINALIST - Round 7)

We emailed your scores for the Preliminary Written Test, (but not the Tie-Breaker). The Semifinalists are below!

A SCORE OF 21 OR HIGHER ON THE PRELIMINARY WRITTEN ROUNDS was REQUIRED TO ADVANCE. You must also have spelled both of your Oral Rounds 1 & 2 words correctly).

NOTE: We will not be posting Tie-Breaker scores as they are only used if needed. Many of you submitted questions about specific words on the written rounds and we think we have addressed them all and most will be happy with your results! Some of the scores were very high on the written tests and this is a good sign that the test was very understandable overall. Look for emails from @hexco as these could come from any individual in the Hexco office as we have divided up the work!


7/29/2020 Post - Everyone did an amazing job in the first two oral rounds and only two words were contested! One challenge was accepted and we thank you for being our 'eyes and ears' and for keeping us informed. Many thanks to ALL who served as Judges for us and a big shout out to Ananya Vinay, the 2017 National Spelling Bee Champion, and Mrs. Horton for pronouncing in Rounds 1 and 2. Dan Strafford, our technical guru from Kaplan, was excellent at making everyone feel welcome and we hope you ALL had an amazing time challenging yourself with tough words!

Below are the words and results from the ORAL ROUNDS 1 & 2!- Most were very close responses, even those who missed. Don't forget that a large part of spelling is 'luck of the draw' and that all of our spellers will be mailed participation awards after the bee is over! Please share our LIVE link on our website with your friends and watch from home on Friday and Saturday to cheer each other on! REMEMBER - YOU MUST HAVE GOTTEN BOTH YOUR 1 & 2 ORAL ROUND WORDS WORDS CORRECT IN ORDER TO SPELL IN THE SEMIFINALS!