Words worth mentioning ...

"Congratulations to Hexco's entire spelling bee team. It was very professionally done. There was a zero chance of cheating—an awesome job monitoring everything. Ms. Browning's pronunciation was fantastic." - Amy
"The spelling bee was fun to watch and brought back a deluge of memories and tears." - Gokul, Former NSB Champion
"The bee was very well conducted and it was very fair. Had some difficult words at the end! The live streaming and pronouncers and the virtual confetti appeared very professional and I felt like I was almost watching a live bee! This was the best spelling bee so far." - Anu, Parent of NSB Champion
"Big thanks to Hexco and Kaplan for this opportunity for all spellers. It was indeed a very competitive playing field and congrats to all the awesome spellers." - Rampriya, CEO
"I have told people at work about Hexco as 'essential' to becoming a true contender, but also for the pure joy of learning. Your National Bee spellers are the proof. The OSB (Online Spelling Bee) is huge - and you are the very heart and soul of it. The opportunity has arisen, and I am glad that Kaplan has gained a vision for this. That cohort in the final year of eligibility must be so thankful!" - Reed Won, Online Spelling Bee sponsor
"Our son learnt a lot and enjoyed the bee experience. Thanks for doing this. We wish all the participants the very best and hope we get to participate in any future tourneys as well. Have a wonderful day!" - Archana, Parent of OSB participant