2020 Schedule

Hexco Academic, a 50-year publishing company with 22 years of consecutive NSB champions is partnering with Kaplan, Inc., to help facilitate an advanced online spelling bee with prizes. Supported by a team of highly experienced and educated 'spelling families' including one NSB champion and numerous coaches, the event will take place in the summer of 2020. Registration for the online spelling bee is open until July 19, 2020.



  • WRITTEN TESTS - Monday, July 27, 2020 (8:00 AM Pacific Time) - PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR THE LINK(S) TO JOIN. This will include a preliminary test to decide who advances after oral rounds 1-2; a tiebreaker will also be given at this time to determine any ties at the end of the bee. One computer with internet access is required to type in spellings; a second device with Zoom capability (phone, laptop, or tablet) is also required to monitor each student and/or to administer words. Written tests will be timed and monitored. A scan of the room will be required as well as live video and audio; no additional persons may be present for the duration of the written test(s). Exceptions: Please contact us if you think your child will need assistance with the written round process due to age or other limitations. Details are below. The written test will not be live-streamed.

    • We recommend commencing login for the written round at least 15 minutes early as each student will need to be logged in on two devices as described below:

(1) WRITTEN ROUND DEVICE 1: A computer (laptop or PC) with internet access and the ability to click on a link sent to email used to register


INSTRUCTIONS - Go to your email and click on the written/computerized test link from Kaplan or Hexco to take the written test. This is NOT a Zoom link and may contain a user ID and password. This will take you to a secure testing portal and this is where you will type in your answers. Note: You will not be able to open any other browsers from this device without cancelling the entire test. No camera is needed on this first device, but it must have a standard internet browser and the ability to check email and type in letters. Do not exit or close your browser after you click this link or your grade may be 0% as this is a computerized test.

(2) WRITTEN ROUND DEVICE 2: A second device (phone, tablet, or laptop - no watches or mini devices) with Zoom installed and working - This is our way of communicating with you. Please make sure you have installed and tested Zoom on this device before the day of the bee. You may need to install the free Zoom app. This device must have audio and video enabled at all times. Turning video or audio off after the written round starts is cause for disqualification and points may be deducted for questions in which a student suddenly “disappears” from video or audio.


INSTRUCTIONS - On the second device, click on the Zoom link in your email (sent by Kaplan or Hexco). Allow all video and audio if asked. This will take you to a Zoom room with an assigned proctor. When your name or number is called, you will be asked to use this same second device to slowly pan the room with your camera in every direction. Even your ears will be checked for earbuds! There can be no other devices, monitors, paper lists, earbuds, etc. that one could use to look up the answers. The table where the keyboard sits must be cleared off of all papers (or anything that could conceal another device or list of words). No other person may be in the room. When all students have scanned the room and are approved as a group to take the test, Kaplan will do a "share screen" which will play and show each pronunciation, sentence, and/or other info one-by-one. You will then type your answers on the first device. (NOTE: There will be audio and visuals with each question and these will be shown and played on Zoom.) Remember that your sound and video must stay on on the second device at all times.

  • (OFFLINE WORK BY OFFICIALS - Tuesday, July 28, 2020)
  • ORAL ROUNDS 1-2 - Wednesday, July 29, 2020 (8:00 AM Pacific Time)

      • ALL SPELLERS WILL GET 1-2 words
      • All Rounds will be live-streamed and/or recorded (a private link for viewing will be emailed to parents of participants on Tuesday, July 28, 2020; others may be able to view the link, but this link will not be advertised or published by Hexco or Kaplan).

      • Oral Round 1 word will be given from the Bee Study List provided which you will receive via email when you sign up!

      • If spelling for Round 1 word is correct, speller will immediately be given an Oral Round 2 word.

  • (OFFLINE WORK BY OFFICIALS - Thursday, July 30, 2020)

  • SEMI-FINAL ROUNDS - Friday, July 31, 2020 (8:00 AM Pacific Time) - THE TOP 50 (or under) compete (VIEW RULES) - These rounds will be live-streamed here: https://onlinespellingbee.com/live/
  • FINAL ROUNDS - Saturday, August 1, 2020 - (8:00 AM Pacific Time)These rounds will be live-streamed here: https://onlinespellingbee.com/live/

(*See rules)

We understand the time and hard work that goes into studying, preparing, and qualifying for the National Spelling Bee! To keep the momentum going in spite of COVID-19, a dedicated team of spelling bee coaches, former National Spelling Bee contestants, parents, and professional pronouncers have come together with Kaplan Test Prep to bring the bee to YOU. Sign up for the Kaplan and Hexco spelling bee today!